Going Buggy in Room 1122!

Going Buggy in Room 1122!
We have begun our first unit of inquiry under the organizing theme: How the World Works.
The central idea is:
Scientists examine nature to understand relationships among humans
and all living things.
We were fortunate to begin our unit with some very exciting classroom visitors. We got up close and personal with tarantulas, a scorpion, isopods and other creepy crawlies.

Up close with “Cutie”, a Mexican Blood Leg tarantula

"Cutie" a Mexican Blood Leg tarantula

“Cutie” a Mexican Blood Leg tarantula

We are learning how scientists classify living creatures. Our inquiry focuses on arthopods, a subset of the invertebrate family of animals. We sorted plastic bug models using prior knowledge.  As we learn more about these creatures, we are fine tuning our classifications.

How the World Works opening activity

After each group had the opportunity to sort the set of arthopods, an other group examined their choices and asked one question.