Math Heros can subitize a number in a single glance!

We are learning that “subitizing” is a very important math skill. “Subito” is a Latin word that means, “suddenly.” We want to develop the ability to recognize a number by visualizing it in chunks that create a whole, without counting. For example, when 8 is presented in a Ten Frame, we can see immediately that, because a full ten frame is 2 rows of 5 dots, the top row is full and 2 spaces are empty on the bottom. Thus, we can visualize 8 as “5 and 3 more”, or, as “2 less than 10.” Visualizing numbers in many different ways is a vital skill that will assist your child in developing mental math strategies and personal strategies for finding sums and differences.

Here is a link to a fun math game that will help you develop your subitizing powers!


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